Lucianus – Dialogue between Charon and Menippos

Ἀπόδος͵ ὦ κατάρατε͵ τὰ πορθμεῖα.
Βόα͵ εἰ τοῦτό σοι͵ ὦ Χάρων͵ ἥδιον.
Ἀπόδος͵ φημί͵ ἀνθ΄ ὧν σε διεπορθμεύσαμεν.
Οὐκ ἂν λάβοις παρὰ τοῦ μὴ ἔχοντος.
Ἔστι δέ τις ὀβολὸν μὴ ἔχων;
Εἰ μὲν καὶ ἄλλος τις οὐκ οἶδα͵ ἐγὼ δ΄ οὐκ ἔχω.
And an English translation of mine:
Give me, oh cursed one, the fair
Tell me, oh Charon, is that your trait?
Hand it over, I tell you, the obol* of your passage
“Thou shalt not receive from one of no possessions”
Is there a man of no possessions?
I’m not aware of the existence of another, I -for one- haven’t any
obol = ancient greek currency unit

4 responses to “Lucianus – Dialogue between Charon and Menippos

  1. Whoa, I step away for 10 minutes and you’ve changed your space. I’ll have to think about this before giving you the verdict on whether or not I like it. Not that it matters. You’ll do your own thing whether or not anybody else likes it, more power to you.

  2. Have you read Lucian’s "True Histories"?  He satyrises Herodotus.  I got quite a few chuckles from it – and I’m a fan of Herodotus!

  3. Your translation is great.  It sure beats anything that I came up with!  Luckily, I was never tested on The Menippus.  I was tested on Somnia and got luckier than I’ve ever been in my life with an adrenaline rush…somehow, I managed to translate it all.  That was a very long time ago and I fear that my translation abilites have all gone down hill since then.  I know that the key to getting back to my previous abilites is to start reading again, but it’s *sooooo* difficult.  (And painful!) 
    Great job!  ;-)))

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